“It’s time to get in shape!”

Consider me your personal hair trainer for the day! As a stylist it’s my job to get your hair in a healthy, and desirable shape! Before we can get your perfect style, it’s important we focus on your facial features first.

You may not have known this, but there are 8 different types of face shapes.(Oblong and Rectangle are too similar to be considered separate shapes). All 8 of these shapes have specific hair styles that compliment them the most. First I’ll explain how to determine YOUR face shape, then I’ll proceed on suggesting the most complimentary looks for you and looks to avoid. Ready to get in shape?

  • Oval – Your forehead and jaw are the same width. This is one of the best shapes to have because you can virtually pull off any hair style. However, a cut that does NOT cover your face is ideal.

  • Round – Your face has a circular shape. Length is equal to width. If you determine this is your shape, you want to STAY AWAY from bangs of any sort. Bangs created a wider shape that just adds to the already circular shape of your face. A middle part is a great look for a rounded face because it gives the illusion of length! If you’re bold, give that hair a good tease! This will create a heightened look and balance everything out.

  • Square – Angular jaw and a very prominent broad forehead. With this shape you want to avoid bobs and middle parts because the bob will accentuate the jawline which in this case we’re trying to subtle out. A  bang is a great option for you because it will help soften your jawline and compliment your check bones.

  • Heart – Very narrow at the jawline, but your cheeks and forehead are wide. Any textured chin-length hairstyles with wispy layers and height on top will create symmetry.

  • Triangular – The idea with this shape is to narrow your chin and widen your forehead. I would suggest a layered style to create a softer look along your jawline. You want to avoid a cut that allows your jawline to be the focal point.

  • Inverted Triangle – The difference between the inverted triangle and the heart is that the heart has a visible widows peak. You can also tell when your face is slightly longer than wide. Your jawline is long and pointed. Your forehead is the widest part of your face, or the same width as your cheekbones. A straight bang is a great way to balance everything out! Because the key is to minimize the upper portion of the head while creating volume and a horizontal line at the jaw area for added width.

  • Diamond – This shape is when your cheekbones are high and defined, while your forehead and jawline are narrow. Two words: bobs and bangs! You can’t go wrong with either styles. Remember with this face shape the idea is to show off those cheek bones. Creating a look that can be swept behind your ears is great! Avoid a tease or any style that will heighten your crown.

  • Oblong or Rectangle – This style is when your face is longer than it is wide allowing a long straight cheek area. Chin and shoulder length looks that flip under or kick out can work well to add width. Layers are also a great idea. Wearing your hair wavy or curly will soften the straight long lines that come with this particular face shape.
Now that you know your real shape you’ll be able to fit into your perfect style! I hope this was helpful.

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